CHY-120 / CHY-180


1. This Fryer is made from SS430 stainless, has a nice appearance and easy maintenance.

2. The low temperature area is devised for accommodating the dross which may falling off from the fried objects: for high efficiency and easy cleaning.

3. This Fryer is equipped with automatic temperature control, time setting and output control system.

4.Automatic temperature control system: it can freely set the temperature required by the fried objects. Time Setting and output control system: it can freely set the time required by the fried objects and also can pour the fried objects out of the Fryer automatically.

5.The design of airtight frying area enables the Fryer to expel the contamination generated during frying process to outdoors.

6.This Fryer is applicable to any objects to be fried, such as processing agricultural products, fish products, lunch box factories and instant food restaurants, etc.

7. Gas, diesel, kerosene can be used as the fuel for this Fryer.




1200? 1200 ? 1820


1500? 1200 ? 1820





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